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iOS Graphics: Workflow of Graphics System

The iOS graphics series will introduce some content about principle of graphics processing and methods keeping iOS screen fluency, which include screen refresh essential, reason of display stalls, display performance optimising, openGL, AsyncDisplayKit, SwiftUI, etc. Pixel The vision of real world is continuous, but it’s not in the virtual digital realm, as the image data… Read More »

iOS Memory Management

iOS Memory Management Memory Management in Objective-C Memory management is the programming discipline of managing the life cycles of objects and freeing them when they are no longer needed. Managing object memory is a matter of performance; if an application doesn’t free unneeded objects, its memory footprint grows and performance suffers. However, garbage collection is… Read More »

The Solution of Live Streaming Quiz Mobile Client

Live Streaming Quiz(LSQ) is a very prevalent interact game from Q4 2017. Many live streaming video companies all published own quiz feature in Appstore. Today I introduce my project of LSQ. 1. The Way of Playing Quiz Live Streaming quiz is like joining “Slumdog Millionaire” in your smart phone. There are 10 questions asked by… Read More »


An OOP and easily using job queue for iOS YXQueue is encapsulate for NSOperation. Thread’s manager and invoker are divided by YXQueue. Using it, developers won’t focus too mach on thread management, just pay attention to how to create a job and implement delegate. The github address is https://github.com/jacklandrin/YXQueue Architecture YXQueueDispatcherIt’s designed as dispatcher of… Read More »


UIToolbar is an useful control in UIKit. But after iOS 11 we need to add some compatible code to keep UI layout. Then I found UIStackView can be used as layout. However it doesn’t have some function like UIBarButtonSystemItemFlexibleSpace. So in order to create a container view supporting flexible space, I wrote YXStackView. The github… Read More »