The Principle of ProMotion

ProMotion is a significant innovation for screen display. It can dynamically adjust refresh rate based on user’s interaction and content, which makes smoother scrolling. This technology is used in iPad Pro, iPhone 13 Pro and M1 Pro/Max Macbook. It not only enhances user experience, but also saves energy in most of time. In my former… Read More »

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Menubar is smaller, you only need an All-in-One switch. Install by Homebrew brew install only-switch Manually Download Download the app What’s the OnlySwitch? OnlySwitch provides a series of toggle switches to simply your routine work, such as Hiden desktop icons, dark mode and hide notch of new Macbook Pro. The switches show on your statusbar,… Read More »


English What is QRCobot? QRCobot is an extraordinary utility for QR & Bar code. Users can easily create QR & Bar codes that they want, and share them with others. The iOS widgets can show the favourite QR codes on Home screen, which helps users conveniently scan them. How to use it? Input your QR… Read More »

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What is JLConsoleLog? JLConsoleLog is an awesome tool In-App to help swift developer log information in both development and production environment. You won’t miss any key and useful logs about the bugs in non-debug mode. You also can integrate it in your project’s backdoor toolkit, it will help you solve vital issues. How to operate… Read More »

Simple Talk about – MVVM pattern

Personal History about MVVM About a decade ago, I started to learn client app programming. The first framework that I met was Microsoft WPF. It had a very powerful developing approach that was MVVM. Microsoft provided a series of original syntax and toolkits to help developer implement a client app with MVVM. You don’t only… Read More »

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