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What is JLQuizCard? JLQuizCard is little Anki card app developed with SwiftUI. You can swipe the card to shift questions, and edit your questions and answers. The flippable effect derives from an Apple Watchkit sample, PopQuiz. 28.03.2021 Update: Now, you can import batch card from CSV file (The head is question, answer, example, group). You… Read More »

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JLPinBubble Mergeable PinBubble with SwiftUI

What is JLPinBubble? JPinBubble is a control that contains a series of pin bubbles which can be merged and divided when they are closed to each other. It could be applied to map apps as indicator of specific locations. As users pinch the screen to zoom the map in , the two overlapped bubbles will… Read More »

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What is SpringRadio? SpringRadio is an online radio player with SwiftUI. The player control’s background colour could change depending on station’s image. Tapping the image on player control, will go to the detail page where there are some floating Text animation. The orientations include horizontal and vertical and it can randomly display. The inspiration comes… Read More »

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Architecture of Complex Live Stream Controller

Problems & Analysis In a live stream application, the live stream studio viewController is the most intricate page where there are lots of configurable widgets of kinds of businesses. In my past experience of working, I met that there are nearly 100 widgets on one page and more than ten different types of studio pages.… Read More »

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iOS Graphics: Workflow of Graphics System

The iOS graphics series will introduce some content about principle of graphics processing and methods keeping iOS screen fluency, which include screen refresh essential, reason of display stalls, display performance optimising, openGL, AsyncDisplayKit, SwiftUI, etc. Pixel The vision of real world is continuous, but it’s not in the virtual digital realm, as the image data… Read More »