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Menubar is smaller, you only need an All-in-One switch. Install by Homebrew brew install only-switch Manually Download Download the app What’s the OnlySwitch? OnlySwitch provides a series of toggle switches to simply your routine work, such as Hiden desktop icons, dark mode and hide notch of new Macbook Pro. The switches show on your statusbar,… Read More »


What is JLConsoleLog? JLConsoleLog is an awesome tool In-App to help swift developer log information in both development and production environment. You won’t miss any key and useful logs about the bugs in non-debug mode. You also can integrate it in your project’s backdoor toolkit, it will help you solve vital issues. How to operate… Read More »

Architecture of Complex Live Stream Controller

##Problems & Analysis In a live stream application, the live stream studio viewController is the most intricate page where there are lots of configurable widgets of kinds of businesses. In my past experience of working, I met that there are nearly 100 widgets on one page and more than ten different types of studio pages.… Read More »

Talk about Aspect Oriented Programming in iOS

1. What’s the Aspect Oriented Programming? The Apsect Oriented Programming (AOP) is usually used in backend development. But it’s more and more popular in clients programming recent days. You can find out the definition in Wikipedia: In computing, AOP is a programming paradigm that aims to increase modularity by allowing the separation of cross-cutting concerns.… Read More »